Greener By Design Vlog

Let us help you meet your sustainability goals with visual merchandising materials that also meet your high standards. The short videos below introduce new, greener alternatives to commonly used materials. Contact us if you’d like a sample.

The Greener Banner

Hop-Syn’s tree-free, synthetic paper combines the strength of plastic with the printing performance of a fine offset paper.


A Green Alternative to Vinyl

Meet Soyang’s ST-118, the lightweight, double-sided, polyester mesh that’s virtually indestructible and completely recyclable.


The Greener Wrap That Lasts

Think going green means giving up durability? Meet 3M’s Envision, a print wrap film that conforms to just about any surface, from textured walls to floors.


A Greener Window Cling

Magic Cling from Ritrama gives you the performance of a PVC cling product without the environmental concerns. It also adheres to almost anything, with a very forgiving peel so you can reposition with no problem. Plus, it’s only about half the cost of other self-adhesives.

A Greener, Two-Sided Adhesive

Mount-Smart Opti-Clear Removable is a solvent-free, two-sided adhesive from AGL. Out of the seven products we tested on a recent window project, we found it to be the best performing and least costly. Take a look and see!

A Greener Option to Foamcore

Meet Bubble X, an eco-friendly alternative to styrene and PVC foam products. Both flame resistant and weather-resistant, you can use it inside or out for any store signage needs. Bonus: it costs 25% less than PVC products, too.