GSP Reduces Retailer Shipping Costs with Packaging Automation

Clearwater, FL, November 29, 2016 – GSP, a leading provider of retail services, announced today that it has increased its automated box-making capacity to further maximize productivity and cost savings for clients.

“By integrating additional corrugated box-making technology into our lineup, we now have a seamless, automated system for ensuring a consistently sized box is produced and utilized every time we ship an order,” said Elaine Scrima, VP of Operations. “By moving to a tray-and-lid style of box, our customers benefit from the added durability and protection that a two-part box offers. There’s no additional cost to them and we have seen a decrease in products arriving damaged,” she added.

GSP implemented similar technology last year that is programmed to make up to 900 boxes an hour. “It has allowed us to streamline the process without adding turn time or having excess carton inventory. It freed up manpower and warehouse space because it allows us to make boxes on demand,” noted Scrima.

Founded in 1978, GSP is a retail services provider located in Clearwater, Florida, with three geographically dispersed production facilities in the Eastern, Western and Central regions. GSP offers award-winning design services, branding, marketing, product photography, visual merchandising, best-in-class graphics and smart POP program management to more than 60,000 retail locations throughout North America. During our nearly 40 years in the industry, we noticed retailers were mostly guessing when ordering their marketing collateral because they didn’t have accurate data about their stores. Besides being wasteful, it’s costly too. So we developed AccuStore, a solution to accurately measure and store site data, guaranteeing the right size collateral is delivered to the right store every time with no overage. GSP is also the parent company of the large-format graphics lab, Great Big Pictures, which specializes in fashion retail. For more information, visit

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