Barricades and Billboards

It's the BIG in Great Big Pictures. Loft BarricadeBarricades are one of the things that Great Big Pictures excels at. Whether it is a new construction or a store remodel, barricades will keep your construction hidden, grab your customers' interest, and let everyone know what is coming. There are lots of ways to do barricades – from basic to brilliant. GBP has a solution for your barricade needs.



A Painted Wall; a Graphic Small.

Even the simplest barricade will be handled like any other barricade. We have a nation-wide team of installers who will do site surveys, provide specification for barricade prep, and install the images.

While we didn't dothis barricade, GBP has many inexpensive material options which will work both inside and outside.

Outdoor Wrap

Bigger and Bolder

GBP has many options to wrap your store from in a graphic, from Oldham Vinyl (above) to Mesh (below). And as always, our Barricade and Installations team will take full care of your project.

Site Survey

Lay It Out For the Perfect Fit

After a site survey, our prepress staff is able to design a barricade to fit every inch of your storefront, accounting for doors, mullions and windows.

The above graphic was done using Clear Removable Vinyl with a White Vinyl Backer. The graphic was applied to the inside of the window.

Of course, our nation-wide installation team was there to help with the installation.

Mall Barricade

High Traffic, High Visibility

Mall Barricades must be done quickly and beautifully.

Our Barricade team makes sure that installation goes smoothly.

A nation-wide Sr. Manager of Marketing Production explains GBP "communicate well and are ahead of me in communicating with the malls.”

Our Installation team makes sure that the installation looks great.