Fabric Frames, one of the hottest trends in retail

Inexpensive to ship, easy to install & it always looks great!

At Great Big Pictures we have noticed that fabric seems to be the hottest trend in retail graphics, everyone is asking about them! To address that, we have purchased and installed two D-Gen Teleios Grande direct print dye sublimation printers. Plus we offer many traditional and new types of frame and fixture options – just one call and you’re done.

Fabric Frames and Fabric Light Boxes
Standard fabric frames generally consist an outer frame with a U-channel. Typically a silicon bead is sewn into the edge of the fabric. When installing the graphic, the silicon bead is inserted into the channel, stretching the fabric tight, and creating a crisp, finished print. It’s inexpensive to ship, very easy to install, and always looks great!

Grab the customer's attention with a Backlit Fabric Light Box
Add LED lights to the inside of the frame and you have a dynamic, eye-catching light box with unparalleled color saturation and beauty. Stay tuned, next week we'll show off the different types of light boxes available from GBP.