G by Guess Watch Pod Collaboration

G by Guess wished to highlight their accessories line of watches. They wanted something more than a banner, so they suggested movement!

Guess has had a long history of working with Great Big Pictures and they knew we'd be up for the challenge. The R&D team at GBP was able to engineer Guess's graphic to fit into their PODs and incorporated moving gears.

The project was a success, rolling out to about 80 stores. The store associates were provided with detailed instructions on how to assemble and install the graphic.

This wasn't the first innovative project we've worked on with G by Guess. Check out some of the other great projects we've collaborated on.

Fencing Window

G by Guess wanted some fence as a backdrop to their open displays. Great Big Pictures was able to source, size and send fence pieces to each of their stores to use as their unique backdrop.

Wango Tango Lit POD

The Wango Tango campaign involved a large backlit image with their signature, a round “G” flashing between several colors. Great Big Pictures’ amazing R&D team developed a substructure which formed the “G” shape and lit the graphic with LED lights. The graphic was designed to fit their custom window POD fixture display system.

View a video of the Wango Tango POD.

Fast & Furious POD

Their Fast and Furious campaign was tied in to the new The Fast and the Furious movie. G by Guess wanted to reflect the adrenaline-pumping feel of the movie with their POD window display by creating a colored backlit speedometer which alternately “revved” up and back down.

Because Great Big Pictures was able to plan the Wango Tango campaign with the second one in mind, we were able to incorporate the rounded “G” substructure into the circular speedometer. Our R&D team even custom programmed the lights to “rev up”. Add a few printed speed gauges as wings, and the “Fast and Furious” feeling came alive in their windows.

By reusing both the substructure and the original set of lights, saved Guessshipping costs, material costs, and reduced waste.

View a video of the Fast & Furious POD.

Scanimation Motion POD

G by Guess wanted to do something amazing in their signature Pod for their Holiday Window. Something beyond a standard static image. They wanted to incorporate the concept of scanimation to animate their window.

The concept is simple. A scene is divided up into thin strips for the background with moving black bars on clear on the foreground. As the black bars move, they reveal the motion.

Our R&D Team tried several motor drives to move the black bars, and they came up with the creative Scotch Yoke solution. Then a variety of test were created to determine the optimal distance from the clear and background as well as the optimal thickness of the black bars.

The results made busy holiday shoppers stop and look.

View a video of the Motion POD.

Yarn Display POD

The team at G by Guess envisioned an intricately woven exhibit of twisted blue yarn to add a backdrop splash to their "Carpe Denim" window. The R&D team at Great Big Pictures was tasked to make their vision a reality.

We provided several rope and yarn options. We had to find a material which was both the right color and would hold the stretch but not stretch too much….

The final result combined 2 "short" pieces at 92" tall, and 3 "tall" pieces at 107.5" tall per display. This project launch resulted in the use of over 15,200 feet of yarn!