Great Big Pictures and bebe Develop a Variety of Looks

bebe has always been great at creating amazing window displays. Great Big Pictures has been fortunate enough to work with them on several projects in the past few months.

Moroccan Lanterns

Our R&D and design teams worked closely with bebe's creative department to create this sophisticated window including Moroccan Lanterns propping, Riser Clings and Wallpaper with a custom lattice.

The lanterns were shipped flat with instructions allowing easy associate assembly, and used special hanging hardware which GBP supplied.

The results were great!

Cage Clings

bebe showed their wild side with a Leopard Banner. Great Big Pictures worked to design custom cage clings for each of their top stores. The clings were all sized to the specific windows. There were even several stores with multi-leveled windows where the clings matched seamlessly from top to bottom.

Graffiti Scene

In July, bebe created an urban art display with banners featuring a graffiti scene they had commissioned. We worked together to make paint dripping down their risers and custom spray cans.

Lots of spray cans!

The project involved almost 20,000 cans we sourced, printed a variety of "labels" and paint drips, and shipped to their stores.

bebe made great use of their mannequins, showing off their colorful clothing and interacting with the scene. One mannequin was "painting" the banner, another carrying off some paint cans in her purse.

bebe in Paris

August brought bebe to Paris.

Banners were created with a wonderful line art drawing of Parisian scenes.

bebe used a variety of clings to dress up their risers, including highlighting different jean styles on the face of the riser. Light pink clings on the back of the risers created a beautiful dimensional effect.

bebe Luxe Sport

bebe went with a more active look for this window. GBP was able to provide much of the propping in this scene including tube socks, jump ropes, soccer balls, boxing gloves, and even heavy punching bags with the bebe logo. Of course we also printed the beautiful striped and floral Flag graphics (on our TG dye sub printer) as well as the coordinating striped riser covers.

Such a fun and creative window!