The FB10000 - Only at Great Big Pictures

Great Big Pictures is excited to reveal the FB10000, and we are the first Large-Format digital printer to have one.

The FB10000 is a game changing printer.

  • Fast - Really Fast. Printing up to 100 boards per hour
  • Quality - Using variable dot technology, the FB10000 can print up to 600 DPI and 15 picoliters. Near photo quality, HDR printing
  • Green - With indirect UV curing, it saves energy, and reduces waste with edge-to-edge sheet printing
  • Glossy - Large-Format spot and flood gloss available
  • Detail - Fine text printing when you need it
  • Beautiful - Amazing color gamut

We are very excited for our new printer, and look forward to showing you what it can do for you.

We would love to show you our FB10000 in action.