Lighten Up!

With Lightbox Visuals from Great Big Pictures, that is….

It’s a factbacklit graphics generate as much as 60% more sales on highlighted products than conventional graphics do.*

And we can help you execute a complete turnkey backlit program for your Stores with ways to save on budget that you hadn’t even considered!

Obviously we can print Backlit graphics, but at Great Big Pictures we also produce 3 different types of light boxes- in custom sizes- to fit your needs.

We offer Standard Film (Trans) Light Boxes, Fabric Frame Light Boxes & (exclusively!) a new line of Hybrid Film - Fabric Light Boxes.

Fabric Frame Light Boxes.
Ease of Installation combined with Super-cheap shipping, zero damage potential and the beauty of Dye-sublimated fabrics!

Similar to standard, non-backlit, fabric frames, they consist of an outer frame extrusion with a U-channel around the edge.

A silicon bead is sewn into the edge of the fabric & when installing the graphic, the silicon bead is pressed into the channel, stretching the fabric tight, for a crisp, finished presentation. These displays use low-energy and economical LED lighting to backlight the fabric.

Depending on the size required we have three different types of fabric light boxes: Edge Lit, Grid Lit & Web Lit.

To learn more about these light boxes download our informational form “Fabric Frames & Light Boxes” or contact your GBP sales person.

Standard Light Source Light Boxes
Bright, Bold and inexpensive to refresh!

Traditional light boxes use a series of fluorescent bulbs in a deep, durable box.

They also use traditional backlit film print media like Duratrans and V-Trans (A GBP product) or Vulite Vinyl. Often, acrylic front panels both protect and sandwich the graphic- especially appropriate for high- traffic areas.

Great Big Pictures offers this option to our customers especially for the largest applications, where graphic size is the defining attribute. GBP’s exclusive “Tension Getter“ system of stretch- vinyl light boxes are some of the largest boxes available for retail interiors, yet feature inexpensive graphics and fast change-outs.

For smaller applications we generally recommend LED Film Light Boxes as a better overall solution.

To learn more about these light boxes download our informational form Fabric Frames & Light Boxes or contact your sales person.

LED Film Light Boxes
The beauty of film printing, with the savings and slimmer profile of an LED light source!

Like Standard Light Source Light Boxes, this style of box uses film backlit medias and similar systems of installation. While generally a little less bright than them, they do use a fraction of the amount of power, generate much less heat, and have lighting systems that last up to ten years without bulb changeout.

They also come in slimmer profiles.

NEW Hybrid Film - Fabric Light Boxes
The versatility you need for any type of print media.

We are excited to offer a very unique light box,and from what we can tell,  it’s something you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Hybrid light box can handle both traditional film or fabric. It has a snap frame front for film and a track for fabric. It is available up to 59” X 120”, and is only about 1” thick.

For more information about this great new option contact your sales person.

* Eastman- Kodak Study, 1992.