Great Big Pictures is Very Proud of our SGP Re-Certification

What is SGP?

Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) is the industry standard for the certification and continuous improvement of sustainability and best practices within print manufacturing operations.

SGP is an independent, non-profit organization providing a certification label for sustainability in the graphic communications industry.

How did GBP Get Re-Certified?

SGP has strict guidelines to be certified:
  • Show commitment to meeting current and future customer expectations
  • Adopt and maintain a sustainability-driven business models
  • Implement and maintain a Sustainable Management System (SMS)
  • Annual Continuous Improvement project (CI Project)
  • Biennial on-site audit from an SGP official for re-certification
Annual reports are required to maintain certification, and every two years, SGP does an on-site audit to re-certify a facility.

What is GBP's Current CI Project?

As part of the SGP requirements, we are required to do Continuous Improvement Projects to keep pushing our environment ethic.

Our current CI Project is:

In 2012, GBP by increasing Post Consumer Waste (PCW) content of cardstocks purchased, will help save 35 tons of wood over 2011 purchases - regardless of increase in overall volume purchased.

Our pursuit of higher PCW paper is helping increase demand in the industry. Despite an INCREASE in overall paper usage at Great Big Pictures, we are still on track to use OVER 35 tons LESS virgin wood this year because of the increased PCW content of our paper.

Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Gardens

In celebration of our re-certification, GBP has made a donation to the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens advocates the importance of native plants and species through education in a natural conservation habitat. And they have proven that their dedication to the environment aligns with GBP’s.