So Much More Than a Printer

GBP's Innovations Beyond the Printer

Everyone knows how great our printing is at Great Big Pictures. But we do so much more than printing here.

GBP has an amazing R&D department. A Senior Print Buyer at a National Retailer with over 300 stores said this of our R&D Department:

"Their creativity is exceptional. They can make unbelievable things just out of corrugated and paper. GBP is great at that."

Great Big Pictures is your specialist at rollout hardware & propping. Bring us your challange.

Here are a few of the visual propping projects we have done which haven't even touched a printer.

Holiday Mirror

Elegant Edges

Holiday is the time when everyone puts out their best and GBP was happy to find a very cost effective solution to make Ann Taylor's window shine.

Ann Taylor was looking for an inexpensive way to do various sizes of beveled mirrors to their display. Our R&D came up with a solution that was safer, cheaper, and that looked amazing.

Stacked Tubes

Amazing Display; Simple Assembly

bebe was looking for a eye-catching display that was easy enough for store associates to assemble but still had some "pop" to catch your attention. Our R&D Department sourced the tubes, mapped & tested the tube arrangement, and delivered a simple attachment. bebe was excited about the result.

Lit Podium

Versatility Shipped Flat

bebe again was also looking for something to add a different dimension their window displays. They were looking for frosted lit podiums for all their stores. GBP was able to design a podium that was easy to assemble, could ship flat, and, as an added bonus, could be customized for future floorsets.

Our design included the ability to remove the top, and put a printed solid color or pattern insert in to match that month's theme.

GBP also provided the mirrored backgrounds in this window as well.