Here's What We've Been Up To

Great Big Pictures has been keeping busy with some pretty amazing projects this Spring. Here are two you might be interested in.

Marciano Light Wall

We worked with Marciano to create rounded light walls to put into their windows. The light walls each consisted of 30 parallel tubes with ultra-bright LED strips inside. Assembly was easy! Store Associates pulled the wall out of the box, and tightened 2 feet to the base.
Marciano did some great window dressing with their mannequins on a swing in front of the light walls to make an amazing window display.

bebe Butterfly Display

Butterflies are big this Spring, and bebe's were some of the best! We produced strands of butterflies out of PETG. Store associates just needed to unroll the strands, and hang them up. Here are a few shots of them, including bebe's new location in El Paso, Texas.

These are only two of the great projects we have been working on. We hope they offer some Summer inspiration!