High Quality, High Environmental Standards at Higher Speeds

Increased speed and quality come to Great Big Pictures with the new Latex 3000

New, Great Big Pictures has installed and started running our latest addition in the world of latex printing, the HP Latex 3000. This new latex printer allows us to produce high quality prints with high environmental standards and with high speeds, printing at almost double the speed of our current HP LX850 latex printer.

The HP Latex 3000 Printer delivers high volume printing, and all the environmental benefits of water-based inks. HP's high-efficiency curing enables wide media versatility, including heat-sensitive media, adding many new media to the selection when you choose to print in latex.

The new machine that is now housed at Great Big Pictures has all of the same benefits of latex printing and with a great increase in speed:

  • Print width up to 126”
  • Higher speed, 77 m²/hr (830 ft²/hr), allowing for faster turnaround times
  • Produce fine details, awide color gamut, and a flexible ink layer with 6 colors and 1200 dpi resolution
  • Shorten time to delivery—prints come out completely dry and ready for lamination or finishing
  • Odorless prints, ideal for sensitive indoor display environments
  • Uses water-based inks, as opposed to solvent-based inks

These benefits allow for a high quality, high speed, eco-friendly process that results in fine detailed odorless prints. New media options are now available to clients that previously weren’t previously available on latex. Great Big Pictures expects clients will benefit from the increase in media options and our ability to produce latex prints at much faster speeds.

Installation and testing has gone smoothly on the new Latex printer, and we are ready to start production on this new equipment immediately.