Snapshot: Wood Works in Retail Design

Wood is part of a bigger trend toward more residential-looking retail design. It provides a contrast to the starkness of the mall and urban surroundings. And its calming, natural look draws in millennials. Below are just 3 examples of how we can help you incorporate wood into walls, displays, flooring and more.


These wood slats are a good example of design with a dual purpose. Eddie Bauer wanted a way to hide a large HVAC unit but not impede airflow. Now customers get to see an image of Mt. Baker instead.


This multi-functional piece makes a great display prop, riser or a place to rest. The rattan look is printed and adhered to a simple box shape. We used a flexible wood veneer, which works well in many applications and can be printed with any design or wood look – ash, bamboo, zebrawood and more.


We can print a wood pattern on flooring, wall coverings, pedestals – anything you want. This not only looks great and stands up to traffic but it’s a treat for your feet, too. (We tested it in our GlobalShop booth!)