Sustainable Retail Initiatives

Yes, it is possible to create an amazing visual merchandising experience that uses sustainable materials and processes. Wisconsin is home of the founder of Earth Day and consistently recognized for its innovative green initiatives. We are proud to play our part with a business philosophy based on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Great Big Pictures seeks to reduce its overall environmental impact by focusing on these four key areas:

Reducing Material Waste

The efficient use of accurate store profiles ensures we print only what is needed – leading to a 30%–40% reduction in waste. We also select the most efficient layouts so waste is kept to an absolute minimum. We store and re-use ink, and rely on digital sales planners rather than printing.

Recycling Material

We use recycled print cartridges and material, such as styrene that contains up to 50% regrind product.

Reducing Emissions

We choose environmentally friendly screen chemicals and use UV inks that reduce VOC emissions and require less energy for curing.

Energy Conservation

We leverage our three geographically dispersed facilities to reduce total transportation costs and overall fuel consumption. Virtual office technologies also help us reduce our overall travel carbon footprint.

We applaud your commitment to the environment as criteria for benchmarking vendors.

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